1. Learning and Fun. You will learn a language while having activities that complement and expand your knowledge of the culture of the place where you go, you will never be bored. You will keep a calendar of activities in which you can practice sports, recreational activities, meet challenges or go on excursions.
  2. Improves cognitive abilities. Learning a second language brings multiple benefits, and doing it at an early age can prepare you to learn a third language in your youth. The practice and command of languages ​​is an exercise that improves brain functions such as memory, concentration, decision-making capacity.
  3. Full language immersion. Studying a language in its home country is a very effective way of learning. Being surrounded 24 hours a day by native and international people will motivate your child to practice what they have learned in everyday situations.
  4. Know a new culture. Integrate into an environment and open up your outlook on the world and people. This will help you understand and respect other lifestyles. To become a citizen of the world.
  5. International friends. He will form a network of friends from different parts of the world, from whom he will learn about their traditions and even also about their language. In addition, they are contacts that can work in your professional future.
  6. Personal improvement. A summer camp is a challenge that, being away from home, will allow your child to grow as a person. The simple fact of traveling alone will help you face situations and make decisions that you are not used to. You will gain autonomy, independence and maturity.
  7. Enrich your future. It is an experience that will give value to your professional performance, since it will give you tools that companies value today, such as working with multinational teams and having an international panorama.
  8. Give her one of the best experiences of her life. These programs are a unique opportunity to learn, have fun, make friends, and grow personally. They will remember it forever and will be very grateful to you for giving them a unique summer.

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